Daily Archives: June 14, 2018

Week 1

Hello! My name is Amy Guo, and I am a senior studying Computer Engineering at Saint Louis University. I enjoy electronic circuit design, digital design, and computer system design. I’ll be spending my summer at UNL doing research in the NIMBUS Lab. In my free time, I like to paint, bake, and eat good food. […]

REU Week 2

This week, the other students finally joined me in the lab. I started meeting my coworkers on Sunday night during a welcome dinner. I not only met some of the students in my lab, but also those doing research in the other labs around campus. People were going to research fields like biochemistry, ergonomics, minority […]

REU First Week

I am finally in the lab! After a cumulative 17-hour drive (broken into only two days), I moved into the University Suites at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I started my first day of work on Monday. Since it was Memorial Day, the office was rather quiet. This gave Brittany and I a perfect chance to […]

REU First Week

Week #1 (6/4 – 6/8) My name is Jason Finnegan, and I am a Nebraska native. Born and raised in the small town of Cozad, NE which is about two and a half hours west of Lincoln. Our town is most proud that we are built almost directly on the 100th Meridian. I grew up […]

My first week at Nimbus

Friday, June 8th: I have big news. I found the most comfortable way to sit in Nimbus Lab, which is important when you have more than a few ROS1 tutorials to get through. The real trick is to claim a chair early to put your feet up on; being proactive is important in research. The […]