Monthly Archives: June 2018

The thrilling third

Week three held a multitude of learning experiences, so this week’s blog includes the following: realizing when a project is over my head, communicating what I know and don’t know to anyone who can help me, learning on the fly, and (almost completely) exhausting my knowledge and resources on a project. Since my principal investigator […]

The Telepresence Two (Week 2)

Week two started off even more productive than the week prior; I met my grad student who I’ll be helping out this summer and my principle investigator (PI) was out for the week. So, she (my PI), gave me what was supposed to be a fairly simple job: set up a ROS node to control […]

Week 4

On Monday and Tuesday, I largely dedicated my time to finishing the Crazyflie integration. I had been at the point where I was very close to getting it to the point I wanted to, just there were a few errors almost every time I fixed one. Monday, we had a focus group with some of […]

REU Third Week

This was a very eventful and quick week. I finally learned enough of ROS to be able to apply it to something useful. I was able to use ROS to read, organize, and store the data from a sensor that measured pressure, humidity, and temperature along with the GPS coordinates. Also, I used it to […]

Week 3

Hello! Day 1: I went over the code for serial communication packets again. We met with Dr. Elbaum to go over this week’s goals. Our end of the week goal is to be able to publish and subscribe in ROS using sensors. I went to see Ashraful after the meeting. He showed me the iMet […]

SRP Week 3

Blog 3: Week of 6/22/18 Andrew Brown reporting in! This has been a really exciting week and a really dull week all at the same time. The first half of the week consisted of more battling with ROS. I tried to improve the code I wrote last week, and I also began teaching myself how […]

REU Second Week

Getting into the second week of the summer, our group of five undergrad students began to work towards starting our piece of a project for the summer. We met with our faculty advisers at the start of the week and they gave us an idea of what we would be working on. I began to […]

Week 2

Hey hey hey! Update: I PASSED MY FLIGHT TEST :) Weekend: I learned how to charge the big batteries. AJ gave me an extensive lecture on battery characteristics and safety procedures. I flew my flame wheel more. Flying these make me nervous because they are much bigger than the little Hubsans. Bigger drone == Bigger […]

SRP Week 2

Blog 2: Week of 6/15/18 Andrew Brown here again. This week was an interesting week, but it felt sort of like walking through mud about two feet deep. The week began well enough with a meeting with Dr. Bradley. We discussed whether I wanted to work with the CubeSat or if I wanted to try […]

REU Week 3

This week, I was able to start my project for this summer. Before, I had been learning how to use ROS, fly the drones, and do a few smaller tasks to prepare for the summer. Monday morning, I came in and had a clear idea of what I needed to achieve, so I started right […]