Eclipse Flying

The Nimbus Lab spent from early morning until sunset last Monday, Aug 21st doing atmospheric profiling flights to determine the impact of the Eclipse on weather patterns. These were collaborative experiments with Dr. Adam Houston from UNL Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Sean from NOAA, and Dr. Jamey Jacob from Oklahoma State University as part of our Cloud-Map NSF project.

We performed a series of vertical 0-400ft transects to measure atmospheric properties before, during, and after the eclipse. At the same time Jamey’s team measured wind and other data fixed at 400 feet. Sean regularly launched weather balloons to measure atmospheric properties even higher up and Adam’s team was obtained detailed surface readings. And of course there were a number of other UAVs just collecting images. During these experiments Nimbus collected 223 minutes of data in 13 flights. Special thanks goes out to Ajay who manned the controls for all these flights and Ashraful and Najeeb who were critical parts of the sensor control and ground team. Here are a few more pictures from the event.


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