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Summer 2016 Field Experiments

We conducted a whole lot of field experiments over the summer. First, we did two prescribed burns and a number of tests of the systems (without igniting fires). Here are a couple of videos to check out:

We also conducted a experiments at the University of Oklahoma as part of the Cloud-Map project we are involved with which aims to improve atmospheric measurements through the use of UASs. Here are a few pictures from these experiments, which involved the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, University of Kentucky, and the University of  Nebraska. We flew over 50 flights, including a number where there were multiple UASs from each of the teams flying.

We also conducted experiments with our collaborator Dr. Amy Burgin from the University of Kansas. We were evaluating our water sampling and sensing UAV against traditional hand sampling techniques and also fixed sensor arrays. We did tests in a natural pond and also in a number of controlled tanks where we could adjust the temperature and conductivity gradient in the water to determine how much each of these techniques causes mixing. We collected dozens of water samples and sensor readings from hundreds of control points over the course of 70+ flights.

We will be continuing work on all of these projects, so stay tuned for more news from field experiments this fall.

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